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Just three guys who like to talk about Music, Media and the Mission of Jesus. Every week Zak, Collin and Bob talk about all things having to do with life as people who are house-plants in the house of God (Psalm 92).


January 14, 2022

Bible Characters: Jehu

Does God ever accomplish His goals through violent people? With figures like Jehu we wonder if this is sometimes the case. There are times when God’s wrath needs to be brought against people, for instance when God allows a sinful empire like Babylon to overtake Israel. In the case of Jehu, we wonder if maybe the idolatry was so intense that even a sinful person like Jehu can be an instrument of God’s good plan. Remember what people intend for evil, God can intend for good.


Song: Better Than Life (Psalm 63) - Zak Kratzer (2021)

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December 23, 2021

A Christmas Livestream 2021



We sing some Christmas and some Original songs and we talk about everything God has done this year and everything the Christmas season means.

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Who was Melchizedek? What was he doing there? Where is there? How do you even pronounce Melchizedek? We continue our bible characters series with a very mysterious yet profound figure. Someone who operates outside of the conventional system but is a priest, answering directly to God himself. And one who Jesus would follow up from and complete the role as a non-levite priest. Join us as see what we can find out about Melchizedek!

SONG: When You Say - Collin McSweeney

CHECK OUT MIKE WINGER’S VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qP-m85M8HWk

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November 26, 2021

Bible Characters: Naaman

Namaan was a foreign commander from outside Israel. And yet his story tells us a lot about Yahweh, the God of Israel. Join us as we read through and talk about the story of a young servant who convinces someone powerful to go and see…


Song: Jesse’s Tree (Isaiah 11) - Zak Kratzer (2021)

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November 1, 2021

Bible Characters: Stephen

This episode we begin a new series where we talk about some of the unsung heroes or less prominent characters in the Bible. This time, we will take a look at Stephen from the book of Acts: what the scriptures tell us, and what is his impact on the grand story!

SONG: Your Faith - Collin McSweeney (2021)

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Many claim that the Bible is full of contradictions, but is this true? Is scripture consistent with itself? This is a question that affects how you view the Bible and ultimately how you view God. And if scripture is consistent, then how do we handle things that seem contradictory on first look. We tackle these questions and more…


SONG: Holy Spirit Fill Us (Zak Kratzer, 2020)

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Does God have a reason for his rules? Does he just want to boss us around, or can sins actually hurt? Why would some things break the heart of God? Ken Southgate joins us as we wrestle with why things are sins, or as we like to ask, "Why are sins?"


Song: Love Divine All Loves Excelling (Hymn rendition by Zak and Collin - 2021)

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Every once in a while we want to engage with some listener questions. Here is what our audience and other friends of ours wanted to know…


SONG: Answer (Based on Psalm 86) -  Collin McSweeney (2021)

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In our “Song’s Speak” episodes we each pick one of our favorite songs in a certain category and talk about them. This week we are covering songs that you don’t hear in congregational worship, but still say something about God and/or Christianity. You might say “Christian Rock” (or Prog in Collin’s case). Check out these great songs and what we have to say about them! 


SONG: My Charge - Zak Kratzer (2020)






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June 20, 2021


This is the first Father’s Day for two out of the three HousePlants. We spent some time talking about Fatherhood, what it is teaching us and what it teaches us about God.

SONG: Revival (Synth Pop) - Collin McSweeney (2019)

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